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    Tuning Pack


      I installed oracle enterprise management server and created repository successfully. I can log in enterprise manager console and work on different databases. However, I couldn't find performance any diagnostic tool and tuning pack on console. I'm using oracle8i enterprise version under windows XP. It would be great if anyone help me how to launch tuning pack and oracle expert.

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          Peter Häusler
          as far i know (long time ago) these options are installed separatly. Check your install dialog if you find it. In case the packs are installed you find it (after started the java version of EE) on the left side of the tool.

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            Oracle 8i is a very old database version and it does not come with the kind of diag and tuning features that are available with the later version of database. Please install the latest version of the database (Oracle 11i) to get the features you are looking for.