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    Problem with af:inputColor and af:chooseColor triggering validation

      I have a data entry form that allows the user to to input data, but also allows them to choose a color. I have wired the inputColor and chooseColor components together and the user can pick a color. It all works great until the user decides to choose a custom color. This causes the control to fire up a custom color picker dialogue. When the user picks their custom color and presses the Okay button on the custom color dialogue, the control fires an event which causes page validation. The problem is that I have a number of required fields in the input form and, if the user hasn't filled those in yet, they get a nasty error message requiring input for all of those fields.

      Is there a way to stop the pressing of the Okay button on a custom color picker dialogue from triggering page validation? I've tried setting the autoSubmit="false" on the inputColor control, but that doesn't work.