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    OEM 12c OOB incidents etc

      Hi I would like to know if the below out of box things are mentioned anywhere in the OEM 12c documentation. If yes can you point me to them. If no can you pls give me some for each. I checked the respective guides but could not find them. they just say OEm comes with some out of box stuff but does not provide the details.

      Out of box Incidents
      Out of box reports in the Information Publisher
      Out of box monitoring templates

      Also my second question is OEM 12C comes with a new feature called Site guard which allows us to create a primary and standby site to manage failovers and switchovers. But what is the difference between siteguard and dataguard?

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          There is no concept of out of the box incidents. You may be referring to out of the box Incident Rulesets.

          I am not sure what details you are looking for. One of them creates incidents for selected events out of the box. The other is used for Self Update notifications.
          The best way is to go check out the rulesets in a 12c install. Setup->Incident->Incident Rules.
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            The metrics that we use to create incident like host metrics[cpu util], database metrics[tablespace used], filesystem metrics [filesystem space available] are these oracle oob metrics that come with 12C?
            Below is the video for creating rulesets that im referring to
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              got the answer in the below video