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    Calc manager: @RETURN function with WARNING as message type issue

      Hi Gurus,

      I m working in version in IE 9. I have created a simple calculation script as below to test the @Return essbase function.
      FIX ( .....)
      IF( ("YearTotal" > 50000))
      @RETURN("True:test message" , WARNING);
      @RETURN("False:test message" , WARNING);
      This script validates fine , however when executed on Save of Data Form gives a Job console error with no error code but message as below
      Invalid network data. Type is matched but length is zero. An application protocol error might exist between server and client processes..

      The same script executed using error message type as *"ERROR"* executes successfuly on save of data form and gives exepected custom error message.
      I read a thread in forum saying the @Return function works only with ERROR as message type for vesrion
      How to use Essbase @RETURN function to displayed messages in
      I have tried using WARNING and INFO , both doesnt seem to work even in, Only ERROR as message type works.

      Has anyone experienced the same with version as well? Is this still a bug?
      Please let me know your inputs.