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    Experiences with sending SNMP-Traps to 3rd party (Nagios)

      Hello Colleagues,

      i'm working on a project where we would like to monitor our databases additionally sending SNMP-Traps to Nagios.
      At the moment i'm using net-snmp-utils and snmptt. The snmptt-traphandler is running in daemon-mode and passes incoming SNMP-Traps to Nagtrap.
      Now i want to create passive service checks. For example a passive service check for TBS_Usage for database 'exdb' which returns the values from the incoming SNMP-Trap.

      Has anyone experiences by implementing the SNMP Notifications (to Nagios)? Is there an easier way to implement this than using snmptt?
      Does anyone know, how the MIB (snmptt.conf) must be configured for the passive service check?

      I'm looking forward hearing from you soon!

      Best regards,