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    How to temporarily suspend backups for a host?

      We are running production OSB backups for a site with approximately 50 filesystems,
      consisting of full, incremental, quarterly archive, and on-demand archive backups.

      Our installation consists of

      o administration master - obtool version (64-bit OEL 5.8)
      o media servers - obtool version (64-bit OEL 5.8)
      o SL8500 library - managed by ACSLS 8.1 with admin server attach point


      We recently lost a ZFS storage appliance storage pool due to pool corruption.
      All backed-up filesystems were restored to another host pending a rebuild of
      the corrupted ZFSSA.

      Currently all backups are fail because they cannot communicate with the down
      host. We want to suspend all attempts to back up the corrupted host pending
      the rebuild. We have tried taking the host out of service via 'chhost -O'
      but the scheduler launches backups that hang indefinitely with a session
      status of 'awaiting resource availability'.

      Is there any way to suspend backups of a host temporarily without having to
      remove it from all the schedules it's in? Seems there should be but I've
      been unable to find this in the docs.

      Appreciate any help.