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    B2B Inbound


      I am working on B2B Inbound flow, for that i am using Listening channel in B2B console to pick file from directory and send it to B2B adapter(receive) in SOA composite. The file was being picked by channel, after that its showing error as mentioned below.

      Id     AC101E6A13A8DBFE125000001649E500
      Message Id     AC101E6A13A8DBFE106000001649E000
      Refer To Message     Refer To Message
      Sender Type     
      Sender Value     
      Receiver Type     
      Receiver Value     
      Sender     Remote
      Receiver     Host
      Agreement Id     
      Document Type     ADT_A01
      Document Protocol     HL7
      Document Version     2.3.1
      Message Type     REQ
      Direction     INBOUND
      State     MSG_ERROR
      Acknowledgement Mode     NONE
      Response Mode     ASYNC
      Send Time Stamp     10/23/2012 06:41 PM
      Receive Time Stamp     10/23/2012 06:41 PM
      Document Retry Interval(Channel)     0
      Document Remaining Retry(Channel)     0
      Document Retry Interval(Agreement)     
      Document Remaining Retry(Agreement)     
      Native Message Size     267
      Translated Message Size     
      Business Action Name     
      Business Transaction Name     
      Xpath Name1     
      Xpath Value1     
      Xpath Expression1     
      Xpath Name2     
      Xpath Value2     
      Xpath Expression2     
      Xpath Name3     
      Xpath Value3     
      Xpath Expression3     
      Correlation From XPath Name     
      Correlation From XPath Value     
      Correlation From XPath Expression     
      Correlation To XPath Name     
      Correlation To XPath Value     
      Correlation To XPath Expression     
      Wire Message     Wire Message
      Application Message     Application Message
      Payload Storage     Payload Storage
      Attachment     Attachment
      Collaboration Id     AC101E6A13A8DBFE116000001649E400
      Collabration Name     
      Collabration Version     
      Business Action Name     
      Exchange Protocol Name     Generic File
      Exchange Protocol Version     1.0
      Interchange Control Number     12345
      Group Control Number     
      Transaction Set Control Number     
      Error Code     B2B-50547
      Error Description     Machine Info: (local-PC) Description: Agreement not found for trading partners: FromTP Remote, ToTP Host with document type ADT_A01-2.3.1-INBOUND.
      Error Severity     ERROR
      Error Text     Agreement not found for trading partners: FromTP Remote, ToTP Host with document type ADT_A01-2.3.1-INBOUND.

      I had tried in many ways to pass correct input file to get processed, but i am not sure where this agreement failing.

      Please, can any one help me out of this.

      Thanks in Advance,