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    racdb1 is not running under linux 5.4

      I am using oracle 11gR2 (Version : and OS RHEL 5.4.
      There is two nodes in the cluster database environment.

      I have issued the command as oracle user "srvctl start database -d racdb".
      The following errors are showing.

      PRCR-1079 : Failed to start resource ora.racdb.db

      CRS-2674 : Start of 'ora.racdb.db' on 'racnode1' failed

      CRS-2678 : 'ora.racdb.db' on racnode1' has experienced an unrecoverable failure

      CRS-0267 : Human intervention required to resume its availability.

      CRS-5802 : Unable to start the agent process

      Please anybody has idea what is the root cause?
      Simply waiting for the valuable reply.