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    Controlling one styleclass through another in ADF skinning

      PFB the code snippet, first command link is parent link & rest coming from <af:forEach are children links

      +<af:commandLink text="Parent Link" id="pt_cl4"+

      +<af:panelDashboard id="pt_pd2" columns="3" rowHeight="40px" styleClass="childrenLinks">+
      +<af:forEach items="#{bindings.LOVIterator.allRowsInRange}"+
      +<af:commandLink text="#{node.name}" id="pt_cl5" />+

      In css:


      Is it possible to control visibility of childrenLinks via css “af|commandLink. parentLink:hover’?

      The usecase is for hover menu.

      e.g. (for below syntax is not correct)

      +af|commandLink. parentLink:hover childrenLinks {+
      display: block;
      z-index: 999;