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    Discover server fail 3.1.1, ovs-agent-passwd => User admin does not exists


      The discover Oracle Server 3.1.1 (fresh install) failed from Oracle VM manager 3.1.1 with the message :
      Job Internal Error (Operation)com.oracle.ovm.mgr.api.exception.FailedOperationException: OVMAPI_4010E Attempt to send command: get_api_version to server: @IP failed. OVMAPI_4004E Server Failed Command: get_api_version , Status: org.apache.xmlrpc.client.XmlRpcHttpTransportException: HTTP server returned unexpected status: Unauthorized access attempt from ('@IP', 24259)!

      Then I tried to change agent password :

      ovs-agent-passwd oracle => success

      ovs-agent-passwd admin => fail ?!?
      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/usr/sbin/ovs-agent-passwd", line 71, in ?
      File "/usr/sbin/ovs-agent-passwd", line 60, in main
      raise Exception('User %s does not exists.' % username)
      Exception: User admin does not exists.


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