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    Check is field is changed on before doDML

      I am using JDEVADF_11.

      I have two pl/sql procedures to work with update of Entity:

      First one is to update all attributes except the key, updateEntity, it accepts all attributes and updates them for provided keyAttribute;
      Second one is for renaming key attribute, that involvig lots of in-database changes, renameEntity, it accepts oldKey and newKey values.

      I see two cases here:
      case 1: On doDML's "DML_UPDATE" I need to check is key attribute is changed and call renameEntity procedure first to rename entity and then updateEntity for attributes update.
      How can I indicate that key attribute was changed and get old and new values of it?


      case 2: I can move renameEntity to application and call it from page dialog.
      This looks better to me, but how can I refresh model after calling this procedure?

      thanx in advance.