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    OBIEE Multiple Facts With Level Based Measures


      We have a requirement which we think complex to achieve at OBIEE level. Please help if anyone knows a solid solution for this problem.

      Orders, Shipments and Revenue are the fact tables and we have common dimensions like customer, product, time and others. For each fact table there is a corresponding dimension to store the non metric columns like Order Number and Shipment Number.

      Now the requirement from the customer is

      1. Need to see the Order Information completely even though he is looking at Shipment or Revenue data. Ideally, it is not mandatory for each order to have Shipment or Revenue. This is applicable for Shipment too, if the customer is looking at revenue and shipment data he needs see all the shipments including those that doesn't have any revenue.

      2. Non Confirming dimensions should not throw errors. This could be possible by using Level based measures.

      Please help with your thoughts here. Thanks in advance.