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    Unable to add users to new workspace

      Unable to add some users to Beehive Collab space: https://beehiveonline.oracle.com/teamcollab/overview/Daily+Alcoa+Scrum
      Have added several other members, however unable to add others.

      It says no user or group found when I type in their email addresses.

      We have made the space 'public', but is unable to add some users to it.
      Specific users have been added to other groups, so unclear on why we cannot add them to this group.


      Related to Service Request#: 497386-207598581 which support closed and redirected to online forums.
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          To use BeehiveOnline you have to be a member of the group you want to work with - there is no access without having membership of a group - even if you are an Oracle employee. Making the workspace "Public" only opens it up to logged in users who have the URL and, by the way, is not recommended as it can compromise the security of the space.

          The 2 users need to be added to the system and put in a group you are also a member of before you can see them - this is a workspace unassociated with a group so I don't know which group you need to add them to.

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            Thanks Phil,

            This is a purely internal workspace with internal users only. Tier one support redirected to post the problem here.
            Noting that there is a difference internally, how do you associate a workspace to a group for Online?

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              So her intention was to create a separate 'internal' space not an online space. She will delete the online workspace and create a new internal one which is appropriate for her needs.

              Thanks Phil!