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    ADF Mobile failed to deploy to android device

    Angelo Hannes
      Hello all,
      I'm trying to create an ADF Mobile App, following [this video tutorial|http://download.oracle.com/otn_hosted_doc/jdeveloper/11gdemos/adfmobiledemo/adfmobiledemo.html].

      I'm using JDeveloper Studio Edition Version and getting this error message:

      [11:59:41 AM] Could not find the Application Controller project in a folder named "ApplicationController".
      [11:59:41 AM] Shutting down Android Debug Bridge server...
      [11:59:42 AM] Deployment cancelled.
      [11:59:42 AM] ---- Deployment incomplete ----.
      [11:59:42 AM] Failed to deploy - the Application Controller project is missing. (oracle.adfmf.framework.dt.deploy.common.deployers.ApplicationValidatorDeployer)

      any ideas?

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