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    Re-Install of EM 12c Failing

      Greetings All,
      I am trying to re-install OEM 12c on our PROD server. I have installed it on our Test system, and it runs great. However, I had an issue go way out of control after the initial PROD install, and decided to just uninstall, and start from scratch. The DB is on another server. I am installing this on an AIX 6.1 box. Here is the error I am getting after I put in all the DB credentials in and hit next:

      "The database details which you have provided doesn't contain valid repository. Provide correct database details and retry."

      Do I need to drop some tables that were initially created when I did the initial install, and if so, which tables, or is there something else going on here.

      Thanks in advance for any help.
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          If the install had already configured a repository, then yes, you would have to drop the existing repository before recreating the EM repository in that instance. See Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Advanced Installation and Configuration Guide: Using RepManager Utility for details on the dropall option. The EM nstaller will return a very explicit message if it finds a repository already exists, so I'm not sure exactly what steps you actually executed.
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            Thanks so much for your help! I was able to run the rcu to remove the tables needed, and do a fresh re-install with no probs. Thanks for your help on this.