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        Main doubt is if I have to do it using: Shutdown instance, mv Unix command, alter database rename... and so on even if I want to rename System tablespace datafiles.
        Yes, use the standard procedure alter database rename datafile command.

        1. Stop the Arch shipping - set log_arch_dest_2/so..on to DEFER.

        2. Mound standby database
        3. Rename everything
        4. Move everything to the correct place.

        5. Start standby and apply redo.
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          Thanks a lot for your support, guys!
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            Exactly right. Datafile names are not stored in the data dictionary, so renaming them in the controlfile with ALTER DATABASE RENAME is all that is needed.
            Assuming that SAP doesn't store them somewhere, of course.
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              Girish Sharma
              If I says did you read the doc link for more details, you will get irritrated, if I says did you got what text I have paste from docs, you will not happy with that too, why? Because you have decided that whatever you have wish only that is correct, other is wrong, and this is not only your problem of you, here I see many questions of wishes i.e. I want to this in this way etc.

              I am not saying anything else or if I am harsh then sorry, but when official docs are recommending to have omf in both primary and standby dbs as identical, then there is no issue remains, whether db is managed by SAP or by anything else, because oracle works as docs.

              Girish Sharma
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                The mainly point is I don't want to have OMF in my Dataguard, forget SAP environment I don't like OMF and my question just was how can I disable it and what is the better way to rename the Standby datafiles in order to have identical datafiles in Primary and Standby instances.
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                  Hi all,
                  I just have a question.
                  In my DB I have db_create_file_dest as TRUE parameter (only that one).
                  Can I set it as FALSE parameter with alter system set DB_CREATE_FILE_DEST='' scope=both clause without problem?
                  I have a pshysical standby in that DB so, have I to change the parameter on Standby instance and rename the Oracle Managed Files labeled datafiles too?
                  Thanks a lot.
                  But you have never been clear from the beginning. You should have asked simple question in a simple way.
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