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    Drill Through to FDM Error

      Hi everyone,

      Thanks in advance for the help and time to read the problem. I have an application in FDM and HFM built, and I was able to successfully load a data file from FDM through to HFM. I'm trying to open a data grid and drill back from HFM to FDM. However, after I click the option, I get the following message:

      Error: No locations were found matching the passed intersection values. Please verify:
      *1) that the target system (originating the drill through) is properly configured;*
      *2) that FDM POVs have not been retroactively modified or compromised.*

      What's odd is that there's no trace of an error wthin FDM. There is a system message within HFM though and here's what it says:

      Error Code:{1EE34E12-3926-4C20-863C-6CB44FF0ED8F}
      System Message Summary
      An Unknown error has occurred
      System Message Details
      Error Reference Number: {1EE34E12-3926-4C20-863C-6CB44FF0ED8F}
      Num: 0x80004005;Type: 0;DTime: 11/12/2012 2:21:40 PM;Svr: WIN-HFM-1D;File: CHsvDSMemberLists.cpp;Line: 258;Ver:;

      I did some searching and saw that most people who got a similar system message in HFM is related to rules, but even when the rules file was blank, this functionality did not work. I've also checked the FDM control tables and everything in the Period and Category tables are correct. I have no [EMPTY] values in the table. Hope this is enough information for someone to shed some light on it.
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          Just a couple of things to check:

          1) Are you drilling through at the exact intersection passed from FDM (i.e. all base account, entity, customs)
          2) Do you have the correct FDM application specified in the HFM metadata in the application settings "FdmAppName"?
          3) Did you by chance add any of the periods via an Excel upload template as opposed to keying in via the web?
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            JDN - thanks for the quick response.

            1. I am drilling back at the same exact intersection. In the grid, the cell is beige so it's at the lowest level.
            2. The correct FDM app name was used in the application settings. On the other side of the equation, I'm able to browse for a target from FDM so I know that integration connection is good. I think it's something happening on the HFM side now since the error message didn't show up in FDM but in HFM.
            3. I manually entered in the control table. I read about that bug as well where it creates the [EMPTY] values.
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              Sorry, those are the only things I've personally run into. I guess the only other things I've checked in the past, but weren't a problem for me were:

              1) In FDM integration settings is SSO enabled?
              2) In FDM integration settings is "Enbable Drillable Region Load enabled?
              3) Do the dimension names in HFM match those in FDM?

              Also, by looking at the URL passed to FDM maybe you can decipher where the issue is. Good luck!
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                Double checked those Integration Settings you mentioned and they're both enabled.

                You're a genius though! I disected the URL and found out the Custom dimensions I had labels for in HFM didn't match FDM. I was always under the impression they would be the same in the backend and wouldn't need changing.