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    debug pb

      i m using Form9i suite , oracle 9i running under VMware machine where i installed windows XP service pack 3 with internet explorer version 8 IE8.

      running in debug mode is not worked well

      is there a compatibility problem between IE8 and Form9i suite ;??? any suggestions??

      thank you
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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          is there a compatibility problem between IE8 and Form9i suite ;???
          Is there a compatibility problem? Probably, since 9i (9.0.2 and 9.0.4) was desupported long before IE8 was even released.
          any suggestions??
          <blockquote>1. In the future, include complete product versions related to the issue. So in your case, what is the complete Forms version number? On what platform is the browser running? On what platform is Forms/Reports installed (if not the same as the client)? What JRE or Jinitiator are you using?

          2. Consider the age of the product you are using compared to the operating system you are running it on. Have you looked at the product certification details? Here is the client certification information for Forms 9.0.4. If you are using 9.0.2, sorry but that information is no longer available.


          3. You said, that the debugger is "...not working well". What does this mean? Are there error messages? What doesn't work? What have you tried?

          4. Try upgrading to a newer version. The latest supported version is, but even moving to version 10 would be a great improvement although it is no longer supported either.</blockquote>
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            Hi Mr

            My technical environment is
            Windows XP service pack 3, IE8 , dev9i AS vers9.0.2, Jinit vers1.3.1.9, OracleDB9i

            all these softwares are working under VMware Machine

            My problem exactly is :if i run start.mb in debug mod then start. Fmx is not loaded or displayed; even though if i run start.mb normally then start. Fmx loaded and displayed well .

            Thank for your reply.