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    bind variables not getting applied to child row

    Vik Kumar-Oracle

      I have a master - detail1 -detail2 setup on a page.

      There are VLs between master detail1 and detail1 - detaill2 both association based.

      On running the page i can see detail1 query is forming correctly but for detail2 it sets null values as from logs i can see as
      <OracleSQLBuilderImpl> <bindParamValue> [12169] Binding null of type 12 for "Bind_RuleAttributeId"
      <OracleSQLBuilderImpl> <bindParamValue> [12170] Binding null of type 12 for "Bind_OrgId"

      I am not sure why this is happening?

      Please not that i am only selecting the master row in the UI and detail1 table is not visible in the ui. direclty detail3 is visible.

      Please advise how to fix the issue