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    Some questions regarding building a jmx application plug in for EM

      Hi ( again :-)
      I 'm trying to build a plugin for EM 12c ( )
      I read some chapters as was recommended here a while ago , and since than I asked some folowing qeustions - but nobody answered it ..
      So ,maybe I got lucky this time - it is very importnat for me .
      My first questions is regarding the chapter of using Fetchlet ( in the ProgrammersRefernce ) : in example 2-4 there are some lines that
      refering to "em-as-fmw-fetchlet.jar "
      I searched for this file every where but did find one .
      *Does anybody knows where is it ? and beside , where all the jars for fetchlet* ?

      Another important thing is , after reading a lot of stuff in the programmers guide, and ProgrammersRefernce , *i still need a concrete example that shows how*
      *to collect metrics from jmx application.*
      i just need the relevant xml files how it looks like- and i mean more than the snippets in above books - *more specific example* ..

      *Again, I already asked those quesions, but since nobody answered these , and it is URGENT i ask it again .*
      *Any help will appriciated* !