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    Java Card 3 : Exchange Data with Other Web Servers

      Hi everyone,
      I hope to be happy and healthy.
      I want to implement our internet voting protocol with jc3 connected edition. I mean by using NetBeans IDE (JC3 web project). what i need is that use jc3 as web service client but unfortunately jc3 does not support web service ( i test its APIs, but some people say it support restful web service, again i think it does not support restful APIs, too.
      I need to have send and receive data over http. for example i want jc3 send a string value to a definite web server( electoral web application) and get response, over http. I have implemented my protocol by socketconnection but i need, send and receive done over http protocol. I use httpconnection ( javax.microedition.io.httpconnection) but i can not do that. I will be grateful if anyone can help me.

      Thanks in advance for your help

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          This may be difficult to do in the real world. I am not aware of any JC3 connected edition hardware commercially available.

          Is the intent that each voter will have a smart card that they can use to securely vote? It may be easier to have a host application on the voters computer that uses the smart card as a security token for signing and encrypting and then passing this encrypted data to the voting system with a HTTP connection.

          - Shane