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    Software Card Reset


      iam writing a host application to perform automated tests for my applets.

      In this case i need to simulate a power reset and/or a pull and plug scenario. Are there any commands on the card i can do this ? JCSystem (or GPSystem) does not seem to provide any commands to do this.
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          Deciding to reset is a task for the reader and its application, not the card.

          Under ISO/IEC 7816-3 (T=0 or T=1), the card can not just decide to reset without breaking the protocol. The best it could do under T=0 is stay mute until the reader decides to reset it (which the reader can decide to do in either of two ways: cold or warm).

          Ah, and I know no standard API for staying mute under Java Card. An infinite loop in an applet will typically NOT make the card mute.
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            You can use the PC/SC winscard API's to reset on disconnect. If you use smartcardio for your host application the disconnect method can take a boolean. This may do what you need.

            - Shane