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I have defined Qualifiers Group and defined modifiers for few items, attached Qualifers to modifiers, selected as Automatic at Header as well as line level also.

Selected Qualifiers at header as well line level also but if I open sales order and enter respective Qualifers, system is picking pricing from Price list but Modifiers are not applying, unable to view the Modifiers under Action->View adjustments, saying that No modifiers.

I have run build attribute mapping rule concurrent program, successfuly completed but modifiers are not visable for same customer...

Please let us know, am i missed out any important setups/steps/ missed out.

Please advise.
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    Sorry. Please could you provide more details on the setup of both qualifier and modifier. Thanks!
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    Master Price List with Selling price of the Item

    Qualifiers: Defined Four eligible Customers, saved

    Run Attribute mapping concurrent program

    Defined Modifiers for two items with price breaks as:

    Item ABC - 0 - 10 10%, Qty 11- 99 12% 100 - 1000 15%, above 1000 - 20% (Volume Type: Item Qty.)

    Item A123 - Amt: 0 - 100 - 0%, 100 - 399 - 10%, 400 - 799 15%, above 799 20% (Volume type: Item Amount)

    After defining above two items in modifiers, selected automatic at header level as well as at line level also

    Assigned List Qualifiers at header level as well as at line Qualifers at line level, assigned same customers at both level.

    After doing above setups if I select Item ABC in sales order form pricing is picking correctly from Master price list but not applying Modifiers, If i select Action->View Adjustment also not showing any modifiers list there.

    Already I have defined above modifier but not showing there, is there any setups/ steps I have missed out, please advise.

    Thanks in advance
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    (1) Check what is the Pricing Phase you used while defining the Modifier (For e.g., 'List Line Adjustment", "All Lines Adjustment", etc.)>> The open pricing phase and see if all the pricing events under the phase is Active and User Search flag is YES or not

    (2) If all looks fine in (1) then you need to check your price break properly so that they are continuous.

    (3) *Also check if any of the condition (like Currency, Start Date, etc.) is not met by the order placed. I checked your attachment and see a currency in the Modifier setup - check if the order has the same currency and if the pricing date on the line >= Start Date Active*

    Let me know if (1)/(2) was the issue or neither.


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    As per above reponses I have checked Modifier currenty, price list current, price list line item is Active.

    Sales order line currency also same currenty but not able to trace out what is the problem.
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    What is pricing Transaction entity and source system code?

    Are you able to apply same modifier for any other item set up at line level ?
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    Additional check -

    Also, is Customer the only Header and Line qualifiers?

    Can you test setting up the modifier with just one Customer qualifier at the Header level and test a Sales Order for that customer?
    After making changes to the modifier run the 'QP: Maintains the denormalized data in QP Qualifiers' for that modifier and then retest.



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