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    forms 6i update row by row

      dear sirs,
      i have form with the folllowing items
      item1, item2,item_result
      100 20 80
      80 10 70
      70 10 60

      you will find that
      1- item_result = item1 - item2
      2- the value of item_result will go to item1 that is mean item1 is the second row = item_result

      i hope when i make update in item2, item1 and item_result change depend on this update for example
      if i make this update
      item1, item2. item_result
      100 25 75
      75 10 65
      65 5 60

      please tell me how to do code this

      thanks in advance
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          Andreas Weiden
          Don't duplicate posts
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            i try to change the style of asking and tell the problem maybe anybody help me and answer, but anyhow i solved myself and here is the code for people.

            i made button to calculate and this the the code for event when_button_pressed

                 cursor c is
                 select num1,NUM2,result
                 from a;
                 counter number(2) := 0;
                 v number(5);
                 v_net number(5);
                 for i in c loop
                      v_net := 0;
                 counter := counter +1;
                 exit when c%notfound;
                           v_net := :num1 - :num2;
                           if :id is not null then
                                :num1 := v_net;
                           end if;
                      end loop;