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    Oracle forms/reports printing issue

      Hi all,

      Database - Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release
      Reports - Oracle Reports 10g

      Our requirement is to print from reports 6i/10g to a stationary(pre printed) paper with Datasouth Documax printer.
      Printing on a stationary paper with reports 6i was working fine with proper alignments.
      But the same when we migrated to reports 10g, the alignment completely gone.

      However we adjust the printer profile and in reports 10g, Still some fields alignments are improper.
      Please give some ideas to resolve this issue.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Can you give some examples of the problems you are facing? What does "alignments are improper" mean?

          Assuming the print outs are consistently wrong, what prevents you from adjusting the alignment in the report definition until it comes out right?

          From my own experience migrating from 6i to 10g there were reports that needed some changes to fix alignment.