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      • 15. Re: Show image on report
        Hey there Garcol,

        The proplem here is that somehow apex demands your image 'blob column attributes' on the report to have the same TABLE.ID as the TABLE.ID in colmn selected in the report query.
        In this report the ID from XXX_WEDSTRIJDEN is used and in the report attribute for the image the ID from XXX_CLUBS is used. This looks to me like a bug or am i missing something here.

        The workaround / solution is to create a view XXX_V_WEDSTRIJDEN where we join te XXX_WEDSTRIJDEN and the XXX_CLUBS and inlcude all report attributes including the image attributes needed. Te view uses 1 unique ID.
        Now we can use this view XXX_V_WEDSTRIJDEN in both the report query and the 'blob clomn attributes' as the base table.



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