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    Read-only and constant properties

      Hi all,

      I am wondering what is the correct way to define read-only or constant properties.

      For read-only properties I have seen or used the following:

      Version 1:
      private DoubleProperty x = new SimpleDoubleProperty(0);
      public ReadOnlyDoubleProperty xProperty() {
          return x;
      Version 2:
      private ReadOnlyDoubleWrapper x = new ReadOnlyDoubleWrapper(0);
      public ReadOnlyDoubleProperty xProperty() {
          return x.getReadOnlyProperty();
      Version 1 seems simple enough, but I'd guess this isn't safe because the caller can simply cast the return value back to SimpleDoubleProperty and change it ?
      Version 2 seems safer, because you cannot cast the return value to a writable type.

      I haven't seen any constant properties, but based on the versions above, I could imagine the following:

      Version 1:
      public static final ReadOnlyDoubleProperty X = new SimpleDoubleProperty(0);
      Version 2:
      public static final ReadOnlyDoubleProperty X = new ReadOnlyDoubleWrapper(0).getReadOnlyProperty();
      Which of these versions is recommended, or is there a better alternative ?
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          Richard Bair-Oracle
          The terminology confusion here is my fault. Do you want to declare a read only property or an immutable (constant) property? For immutable properties we simply provide a final getter, no setter, and no property method (see LinearGradient for example).

          For a read only property (which is read only to the world, but privately or protectedly writable), Version 2 is the correct pattern for the reason you described.

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            Thanks Richard.

            With regard to the "constant properties", I was looking for a bindable replacement for public static final variables. Maybe I should have said "bindable constants" because I don't really use a property pattern.

            For example, I replaced:
            public static final double LIMIT_HIGH = 240;
            public static final ReadOnlyDoubleProperty LIMIT_HIGH = new ReadOnlyDoubleWrapper(240).getReadOnlyProperty();
            I haven't seen anyone else do this, but I figured this might be the way to do it, based on the read-only property pattern. Am I correct, or is there a better way to achieve the same results ?