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    Portal Forms Reports Discoverer Install create domain failure ...


      I'm trying to configure 11g Forms and Reports, and keep getting the 'create domain' failure message. I have read many threads and tried the work-arounds as suggested, but I still get this failure.

      System config :-
      Linux 32 bit RHEL 5, plenty of resource.
      RDBMS 11.0.2

      Final 'config' of PFRD fails when attempting to create a domain, with following error :-
      2012-11-01T10:24:41.823+00:00] [as] [NOTIFICATION] [] [oracle.as.install.engine] [tid: 13] [ecid: 0000JevW5L7EwGM2INWRvR1G^^ot000004,0] Setting valueOf(DOMAIN_HOME_PATH) to:/home/oracle/Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/ClassicDomain. Value obtained from:USER
      [2012-11-01T10:25:05.753+00:00] [as] [NOTIFICATION] [] [oracle.as.install.engine] [tid: 13] [ecid: 0000JevW5L7EwGM2INWRvR1G^^ot000004,0] Setting valueOf(DOMAINPORT) to:-1. Value obtained from:USER

      The installation steps I use are :-
      1. Used ofm_rcu_linux_11., to create required schemas
      2. Installed wls1036_linux32.bin, and 'de-selected' "Run Quikstart" at the end so no domain configured
      3. Installed, but NOT configure :- PFRD_11_1_1_12 (4 zip files downloaded)
      4. Installed, but NOT configure the 'patch set' for PFRD_11_1_1_2, which is 11_1_1_6
      5. Run the 'config.sh' to configure, de-selected PORTAL component so no OID required, and the failure to create domain always appears. I have tried with a 'staticports.ini' file, and I get the error the 7001 port is not free?

      The above error is quite clear in that it needs a port for the domain to make use of, but I have chosen the 'Auto config' option.

      Any ideas, please ?

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          Generally, domain failure issues are the result of any one or more of the following:

          <li>The machine is not using a static IP address and you have not properly configured the machine's hosts file. You should read the instructions and system requirements before starting any installation.
          <li>The current PATH or CLASSPATH includes blank spaces or special characters
          <li>Port 5556 (Node Manager) is in use by another process or installation
          <li>The user starting the configuration is not the installation owner.
          <li>The platform has not been certified for this installation (refer to the product certification guide)

          If none of the above helps to solve your issue, you probably should post your question/issue in the Application Server area since this is not really a "Forms" issue. This is a Fusion Middleware installation and configuration issue.

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            Hi Michael,

            Thank-you for your help and time with the reply, sorry for the delay !!

            I have re-checked the points that you've made, and I still can't see anything, obvious, that I'm doing wrong.

            I understand what you're saying about the network config in relation to the 'hosts' file, but I can create a domain (default) if I use the Weblogic Server configuration tool, which makes use of port 7001. So I assume the network config is ok.

            I will re-post my query under the Application Server section, as you've suggested.