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    How to check services status (ACTIVE / Not Active)

      Hi all,
      please, could you tell me how to check if a service works correctly or hanging.
      i'm able de check its existance but i'm not sure if it is working OK

      Best regards

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          Todd Little-Oracle
          Hi Nabil,

          Well you could use the tmadmin subcommand printservice to see if there have been any requests processed by the service. That would be one way. Another is obviously to have some test client that actually invokes the service. If the service uses FML or FML32 buffers, you could use the ud or ud32 commands to create a request to send to the service.

          If you check the Tuxedo documentation, it has a section on monitoring Tuxedo applications with tmadmin. Alternatively if you need to do more detailed or complex monitoring, there is an add-on product called TSAM (Tuxedo System and Application Monitor) that can provide detailed monitoring information about a Tuxedo application.

          Todd Little
          Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect