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    I Need Help (urgent)


      I would like to ask about the print command in the oracle application express
      how can I put print command to print any form or report in application

      thank you

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          Howard (... in Training)
          Dear 958565,

          Hi. Welcome. Lots of folks like to help here but you need to make it easier for them to help. First, can you change your number to a name? 958565 seems rather impersonal. Also, APEX does run a little bit differently under different versions in different languages. What version of Oracle are you using and what version of APEX? I'm just a novice myself or I'd say more at this time. There are to be lots of examples of how to print. I'm sure someone can help you.

          Best wish,
          P.S. We all need help so I suppose an "URGENT" plea seldom makes folks respond any faster. However, a really good description of the problem sure helps.
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            my version is
            Application Express

            Oracle APEX 4.1.0

            and i will change my name soon

            thank you anyway

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              Howard (... in Training)
              Great! You have the latest version. Sure wish I had good news!

              I'd love to have someone who knows more reply and tell me I'm ALL wrong about this. But there may or may not be an "easy" way to do print depending on ....

              Do you have a print server configured? If you create a Report Region and say, select Interactive Report, there will be a Print Attributes tab which these can be configured. But only if you have a print server configured. I don't, so I can't print!

              I suppose, right now, you just want to know the quickest, easiest way to print. That's why folks will need to know what your current setup is. APEX is great, don't get me wrong, but ... But certain things, like printing can be done many way and few (none?) of them can be done "out of the box". Your system has to be set up to do them. You can Google "Oracle APEX printing reports" but I found no articles with magical 15 minute solutions.

              There are URL with hints and solutions but they seem to be whole projects in themselves. Here one old one:

              Did you see this: Apex 4.1 Print IR Report to PDF

              Do you know anythign about Jasper reports? (I don't.)

              God Bless,
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                Here you can read about how to print to PDF.


                You can also check the sample database application, for quick printing ( as if you are printing a webpage )
                - On the upper right corner you can see "Print" . To find out how it is done, Please go to:
                Shared Components >> Navigation Bar Entries


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