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    Want two page items with no space between them.

    Howard (... in Training)
      I'm giving a broader, more generic context to an earlier request seeking a broader response.

      I want two page items with no horizontal space between. (Don't ask why!) One is a contant, say "*" so I made it a display only item. The other is the label for a number field which will be referenced in error messages generated by ARF.

      Call the label LABEL to make this easy. So I want to see {noformat} *LABEL  {noformat}. I don't want to change the label to "*LABEL" because then ARF will refer to "*LABEL" in the error messages. I just want to arrange two items on the form. This should be something easily done in APEX, right?

      (For the original request, see Desire asterisk by a page item label with no space between. .)

      Thanks and God Bless,