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    Extract packages install

      How can I extract the packages installed in to solaris 11.1 ? in a text file ?
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          Shawn Walker-Oracle
          By "extract packages" do you mean get the list of packages that are in Solaris 11? A file listing the contents of all installed packages?

          If you want the list of packages installed on a system, use "pkg list":

          pkg list > /var/tmp/pkg_list.txt

          If you want a list of every file, directory, etc. installed on a system, use "pkg contents":

          pkg contents > /var/tmp/pkg_contents.txt

          If you want to copy packages from one repository to another, use "pkgrecv".

          If you want to know the list of packages that will be installed, that's dependent on configuration, and what you specify on the command line or in an AI manifest.

          If you just want to know what packages are available in Solaris 11, you can simply look at the repository website here: