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    OMBEXPORT MDL_FILE a collection?  Itself?

      As in, we use COLLECTIONs today to hold a list of objects in our repository to export. Create the collection on the fly, etc. Great stuff.

      Question now is, can we actually export the COLLECTION itself? So that we can then Import it into the target DB, so we can Use the collection to drive what we deploy...

      Basic issue is we have some OWB objects/mappings/etc that only SOME clients will want, while others will want a superset. So, to avoid having to create different MDL files w/ differing contents (from the collections we already have), if we can instead deliver the COLLECTIONs themselves, we might change our Deploy scripts to run off those...


      Jim C.
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          David Allan-Oracle
          Hi Jim

          Yes, the MDL export facilities can be used from collections.

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            Hi David,

            Thanks for the reply... So just to clarify - we're not looking to just use the COLLECTION to list a set of items to export, as in NOT this:

            catch { OMBEXPORT MDL_FILE '$mdldir/$projname.mdl' \
            PROJECT '$projname' \
            COMPONENTS (COLLECTION '$collname') \

            (We're actually doing the above quite successfully at this point...)

            Instead we're looking to actually export the COLLECTION object/list itself. Theory being, we'd then IMPORT that COLLECTION/list into the target database, and then use that collection as the list of items to iterate through to Deploy the "changed stuff" that we export/import in the MDL file...

            So, if exporting/importing "collections" is supported, can you point me at actual syntax to do that?

            If it's not, is there a better approach for identifying only changed objects/mappings to deploy as part of an upgrade?


            Jim C.

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