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    leaner ADF page and response time

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      Is there way to render a leaner version of any ADF pages? Let's say I want display a simple dynamic page with a table with data retrieved from live/operational DB. Is there way for me to eliminate all the fancy javascripts/css/movable/sortable/shade/animation/etc? And yes, I tried turning off animation and sortable option but didn't see any noticeable impact. We recently converted a PHP application into ADF. The back-end performance is great (EOs, VOs, Beans, etc) but the page load/rendering is 3 times slower for users. Granted the users are using a lot slower connection than me, they were content with the response time in PHP. Of course, the ADF version of the same page in PHP is 20 times bigger. Anyone faced or currently facing similar challenges?
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          Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle
          If you don't need all the functionality of the ADF Faces table you can use an af:iterator or the trinidad table instead.
          That might improve runtime behavior but unless you use Javascript partioning won't improve initial page display since the default way that ADF Faces works is that we download the whole JS that is needed in one go.
          I would suggest looking into some other tuning aspects as well:
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            as always, thank you Shay for the helpful links. I am not using the web tier/OHS. User are going directly to the weblogic (app server). So where do setup the compression for all the mime types?