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    Setting up "Application Based" Monitoring Templates

    Brett Curtis
      I running into a wall on how to do this. I have multiple applications/domains that run JMS and I want to simply monitor current messages on a single application/domain.

      I have 6 lifecycles – DEV1/DEV2/QA1/QA2/STG/PROD – I’d want different values for some for example I want DEV to warn when it hits 500 messages, QA Warn 1000, PROD Critical 1000. This is a weblogic server metric and in these 6 lifecycles I have a ton of JVMs. I don't want to set this threshold on each JVM nor do I want it in a global template collection as I don't want it applied to every JMS environment we have.

      My hierarchy is simple - Lifecycle -> Department. How can I setup a few groups and apply the specific template I created to them? When I create a group I can't seem to associate a template.

      What am I missing here? Maybe my hierarchy is a bit off... I'm on 12c R2