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    Fields not populating on form but they exist in table and report

    Alexandra Robin
      I've been in the hospital and out for two weeks total - wish I could say I was in Hawaii!! :-) When I returned something is WONKY!!

      Form with report.

      All fields exist in report and in table.
      When I create a new record on the form I can close the form and reopen from the report and all fields are populated.
      When I open an existing record from before I left four fields are blank on the form even though I see them populated on the report and in the table itself. The four fields are next to each other.

      I opened my test application and did the same there and things work, so I deleted the report and form in my live ap, and copied those pages over from my test ap, and still those fields are not displaying on the form.

      I've made sure the row fetch and process to get id before header; and update/insert processes after computation are accurate.

      I've deleted cookies, history, form data from IE 8.

      I've tried in Firefox

      Any ideas?