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    Error while registering SSO in R12.1.3

      In Newly cloned environment while registering SSO getting error in log file. Due to which we are not able to integrate SSO with EBS
      Env : R12.1.3 OS: Linux RHEL5
      Other cloned instances were successfully added and using SSO
      Following doc id : 376811.1 (Integrating Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 with Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle Single Sign-On 10gR3 (

      1. De-register (Success)
      2. txkrun.pl -script=SetSSOReg -registerinstance=yes (Success)
      3. txkrun.pl -script=SetSSOReg -registersso=yes (Errored)

      Error in log file "/devapps2/PAY/inst/apps/PAY_devapps2/logs/appl/rgf/TXK/txkSetSSOReg_Tue_Nov_13_12_11_59_2012.xml"
      Please verify that the correct Oracle Internet Directory Server parameters are specified in /devapps2/PAY/inst/apps/PAY_devapps2/ora/10.1.3/config/ias.properties.
      Make sure that the Oracle Internet Directory Server specified in OIDhost, OIDport, OIDsslport, SSLOnly is up and running.
      Base Exception : Error when reading seeAlso of replicaid entry - java.lang.NullPointerException Status code 3
      at oracle.ias.repository.IASSchema.getColocatedDBConnect(IASSchema.java:707)
      at oracle.ias.repository.IASSchema.getDBConnect(IASSchema.java:793)
      at oracle.ias.repository.SchemaManager.getDBConnect(SchemaManager.java:406)
      at oracle.security.sso.SSORegistrar.parseArguments(SSORegistrar.java:1485)
      at oracle.security.sso.SSORegistrar.main(SSORegistrar.java:241)
      Tue Nov 13 12:12:09 PST 2012 Try again and specify the value of -ssoDBConnect in command line parameters.
      Tue Nov 13 12:12:09 PST 2012 If this is a 9.0.4 application midtier installing against a 9.0.2 security
      infrastructure, please make sure the 9.0.2 infrastructure is properly
      set up to accept 9.0.4 midtier installation.

      .end err out.
      <message>oracle.apps.fnd.txk.ias.SsoOidException: SSO Partner application could not be registered successfully.
      at oracle.apps.fnd.txk.ias.sso.Instance.ssoReg(Instance.java:470)
      at oracle.apps.fnd.txk.ias.sso.Instance.registerPartnerApp(Instance.java:690)
      at oracle.apps.fnd.txk.ias.sso.Instance.main(Instance.java:830)

      Please help me in this regards,