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    EAS Thin Client Problem

      We are testing out the EAS thin client for V
      The problem we are having is this, people at a remote site (other than where the server is) can do everything in the outline except create new members. They can copy paste members within the hierarchy without any issues but when they go in right click->add siblin/child and enter the name and hit enter EAS hangs. Does anyone have any clue how I can begin to troubleshoot this?
      I would add that I am at the site where the server is and I can do the above witout a problem.
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          I know that I say this every time someone reports a weird EAS behaviour, but have you compared your JRE version with theirs?
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            You can start with the below checks:

            1. Compatible JRE. Please check for the version from the compatibility matrix below:


            2. Increase the heap size.
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              I had the same thought as I was driving home yesterday and I had them check this morning.

              They are on a highest version of Jave (7update9) I am on (6update37). But here's the thing... When I go in and check my version on java.com it says I have the recommended version, and they get the message No working java detected on the computer. (I had them reinstall without any change)
              What's going on here!
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                Steve Fitchett
                I've seen that problem before and it was due to the user not having access to one of the temporary folders. I can't remember exactly which one but possibly/probably in the local applications folder.
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                  Well, it was the Java version. It seems our good old XP, IE7 PCs were too ill equipped to handle Java 7 update 9. I had them change to the retro 6 Update 35 and they were able to add members without problems. I am gong to have to test the latest java version on an windows7 laptop with IE9 and see what happens.

                  Will update by the end of the day.
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                    well - I seriously doubt it is a question of OS.
                    There are product matrixes to consider.
                    And even for 11.1.2.x there is no Java 7 agreement.
                    A colleague is faced with the same problem (Win7 64Bit box, EPM
                    Only Java 7 installed on his box and he has very strange effects in EAS.

                    If ju want to be safe, stay on (or go back to) Java 6 until there is no other info from Oracle.

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                      Good to know. You saved me some time doing unnecessary tests. I mentioned OS and IE only because the results we got on the Java site. It said I had the correct version and that they had something it could not recognize.