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    Problem with oracle database connection - oci


      I am writing an html page and I want to connect with the oracle database. I am using oci, this is the code:
      $host = "IP";
      $nazwa_uslugi = "XE"; // dbServiceName
      $uzytkownik = "elin";
      $haslo = "maleDUZE9";
      echo "AAA2 deskryptor = $deskryptor ";

      $polaczenie = oci_connect(elin1,maleDUZE9,$deskryptor, 'AL32UTF8');
      echo "AAA3";

      $err = oci_error();
      trigger_error('Nie mozna nawiazac polaczenia z baza danych: '. $err['message'], E_USER_ERROR);
      echo "AAA4";
      echo "AAA5";

      On the page is displaying everything till -> echo "AAA2 deskryptor = $deskryptor ";
      After that nothing happens, no information about error, nothing...

      In php.ini I tried to used to options (only one probably can be used):
      extension=php_oci8.dll ; Use with Oracle 10gR2 Instant Client
      extension=php_oci8_11g.dll ; Use with Oracle 11gR2 Instant Client
      and no positiv results.

      The Oracle client is installed and is working properly:
      sqlplus user/passwd@xe - this is working
      The Oracle client is : Oracle_OraClient10g
      Installed database : Oracle Database 11g Express edition

      Please help.
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          You have:
          $polaczenie = oci_connect(elin1,maleDUZE9,$deskryptor, 'AL32UTF8');
          Shouldn't that be:
          $polaczenie = oci_connect($uzytkownik,$haslo,$deskryptor, 'AL32UTF8');
          I suggest you add this to the top of your script so you can see any errors:
          error_reporting(E_ALL);  // In PHP 5.3 use E_ALL|E_STRICT
          ini_set('display_errors', 'On');
          There is a free book that shows how to connect. You can simplify some things in your code. The book is at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/php/underground-php-oracle-manual-098250.html

          You can only have one of the extensions uncommented in php.ini.