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    OEG issue with web service filter

      Hello All,

      We have issue at runtime in OEG. We are working with WSDL that has 3 operations. One of the operations is SubmitSyncRequest which has "SyncRequestMessage" as Input, "SyncResponseMessage" as output. In the XSD "SyncRequestMessage" is pointing to "SyncRequestEnvelope" element and "SyncResponseMessage" to "SyncResponseEnvelope" element.

      We are importing WSDL (with 3 operations) into OEG using "Register Web Services" option. Importing of WSDL is successful and the web service filter gets created successfully. Upon running a sample testcase from OEG service explorer we see that the transaction failed with the error:

      ERROR 11/9/12 16:30:32.257 [Operation Processor '4. Response from Service'] No handler specified for operation {urn:EXTERNAL_Schema}SyncResponseEnvelope

      To investigate the error, we edit the Webservice Filter and navigate to "Message Interception Points" tab, we see that the same operation "SyncRequestEnvelope" is set on both steps 1. Request from Client and 4..Response from client. Due to this OEG is expecting SyncRequestEnvelope as Response message from webservice but my webservice is configured to respond with SyncResponseEnvelope (which is correct as the output element is set to SyncResponseElemnet).

      Actually the "SyncRequestEnvelope" operation should be set on 1.Request from Client and "SyncResponseEnvelope" operation on 4.Response from Service.

      Can anyone pls explain this strange configuration on OEG?