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    Not getting a handle to Seeded VO from custom region controller

      Hi Freinds,

      I am embedding a custom region to a seeded page by personalization.
      I have an AM and VO for custom region.

      When i am trying to call a seeded VO from my custom region controller i am not able to get a handle to it properly.

      I tried to get rootAm and then i called seeded VO. Some times i will get control but not able to create a rowsetiterator for that VO.

      OAApplicationModule rootAm=pageContext.getRootApplicationModule();
      oracle.jbo.ViewObject spupdateVo=rootAm.findViewObject("SpecialInformationUpdateVO1");
      RowSetIterator tblvorow= tblVo.findRowSetIterator("sptblVoRow");

      it is erroring at line 3.

      please help me to understand how to get a handle to seeded VO from custom region controller.
      My requirement is to loop through that seeded VO records.

      Thanks in advance..