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    Apex Hospital Management System

      Hi all,

      I want to develop a "Hospital Management System" using Apex. Is there a sample sytem process flow, prototype, template, model, design, etc., that I can follow?

      Is there available downloads?

      Or is there an Oracle apps hospital system?

      Thanks a lot,

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          Gus C
          I think people are going to need a bit more information than just hospital system

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            Hi Kinz

            A hospital is basically an organisation the same as any other and so requires HR, Finance, Purchasing, Stores etc. There are Oracle apps for all of those! The NHS has spent and is spending £bil on IT systems so it is a pretty big subject.

            Can you narrow the scope a bit and give an indication of the user community (size and type) and the basic functional requirement.


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              Gus your the man for this one :)
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                I thank you all :)

                Maybe I just wanted a simple one just to assist a small hospital which is just starting.
                Maybe a sub module like patient registration? I know there are simple apps out there made by freelancers and open sytems too in .net. I just want to practise to convert it to Apex :D

                I google it and I found this:
                But I can not down load the system. :(  Maybe you have know some sites to download.
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                  Hi Gus,
                  I think people are going to need a bit more information than just hospital system
                  What is the difference betweeb "Hospital Management Systems" , and "Hospital Information Systems" ? and "Healthcare Management Systems"? :)

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                    Perhaps you should be considering Oracle E-Business Suite rather than APEX?
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                      See [url http://www.databaseanswers.org/data_models]Library of Free Datamodels form DatabaseAnswers.org for examples of database designs.
                      The list includes Hospital Management , Pharmacies and Prescriptions, Pharmaceutical Supplies to name a few.

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                        Wow! what a perfect site, Thanks Nic...you are an angel :)