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    how to read or retrieve key value pairs from JNDI tree in OSB


      I have a requirement where in, environemnt wise one property value changes, like if one element value is AAA then I need to run the message in Test environement only, if BBB then I need t run the message in production, so when xml with element value AAA comes, that should not be processed in Prod. the inoput with the element value will be retrieved in the body payload.

      for this we are thing to store that element value in the JNDI tree and retrive it in the OSB using java callout(not very sure, whther java callout or any other function to use for this).

      Please advice me how I can implement this.

      Using if condition with OR is not advisable as it may process either of AAA and BBB, which is not acceptable.

      Any ideas how to deal with this behaviour.

      Thansk a lot.