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    eRecruit - printing job postings

      After an upgrade to HR9.1/PT8.51, the print of a job posting functions differently; before, one had in the browser's print preview options "as laid out on screen / selected frame only / all frames" and zoom, which enabled the users to print the job posting correctly when it consists of multiple pages.

      Now, with the new HR9.1/PT8.51, there's no option "as laid out on screen/..." anymore but a "one page view/2 page view/...", and when a job posting is more than one page, only the first page will be printed.

      I can't find any documented solution on this topic. As I'm using the same browser / PC / ... but a different PeopleSoft version, the root cause must be somewhere in what is being sent to the browser's print function. I can reproduce the issue in the demo environment, so I'm sure it's not due to customizations either.

      Anyone experienced the same? Thanks for your response!