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    Issue while mapping two entity column into one entity column

      Not able to succeed with when trying to join 2 entity columns to an entity.

      Entity A Id, AName, ADesc, AQty

      Entity B Id, AName, BQty

      Entity C Id, AName, CQty

      Mapping Entity A to Entity B & Entity C with column reference, not able to succeed with two joins.

      @Column(name = "ANAME")
      private List<EntityB> bName = new ArrayList();
      private List<EntityC> cName = new ArrayList();

      @JoinColumn(name = "ANAME")
      private EntityA enitityA;

      @JoinColumn(name = "ANAME")
      private EntityA enitityA;

      Join work only for EntityB, not for EntityC...

      Please, give me your suggestions.