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    save Current customiztion  in obiee 11g

      Hi gurus,

      I am facing one problem in obiee11g , whenever im trying to save cuurent customizations , i was getting small error. the error is access denied  user to Path . how can i getout from this problem.
      can u some suggestions.

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          Srikanth Mandadi
          Problem might be with permissions.
          User with which you are trying to save might not have access to that path.

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            Do anyone know where the Save Current Customization is stored? Users have lost their "Save Current Customization" and need to recover it.
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              1. Short & Sweet Way : Delete the user folder as well as the .atr file associated with that user from the Catalog folder here: Oracle\Middleware\instances\instance2\bifoundation\OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent\coreapplication_obips1\catalog\Your Catalog\root\users

              This method will lose customizations at the user level though.

              2. Better Method : Change the permission for the particular user to the particular folder using Catalog Manager. Or also try refreshing GUIDs (If you recently migrated the catalog or deleted the user and recreated it). Refer: http://bimetrics.wordpress.com/tag/obiee11g-11g-refresh-guid-migrating-rpd-catalog-between-environments-weblogic-error-codes-o9xnzmxb-access-denied-for-user-to-path-usersweblogic_portaldashboard-layout/

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                Please open a new thread for your question, you will get answers more easily.