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    3.2.2 Diff Memory Leak


      I am using SQL Dev 3.2.2.. doing Maintain DIFF Comparisons between schemas.. on Oracle 11.2 databases..
      Note: Much better results that SQL Dev 3.2.1

      I noticed memory jump considerably when comparing Packages.. from 240Mb to 730Mb..

      Even when I close all worksheets, and disconnect all connections it still sits a 730Mb

      Also, I use Toad as a base line.. it took toad 1min to to Diff of my Schema.. by SQL Dev took 10 mins

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          Joyce Scapicchio-Oracle
          Hello Dean,

          Glad you noticed the improvements in diff. We are continually working to improve the performance, memory usage and actual results. We have very little control over memory consumption but are working to reduce the usage in every way we can.

          We will continue to work to improve this and if you have any specific requirements/wants please log a request on Feature Requests at the SQL Developer Exchange. This not only makes sure we don't forget, but also gives other users a chance to add their vote for the feature and provides a forum for you (the user base) to brainstorm on how you prefer it to work.

          Joyce Scapicchio
          SQLDeveloper team

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