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    Run JavaFX packaged app in trial mode?

      I have an app that I need to put additional permissions to using java fx native packing. that is,
      The app should run for a specified trial period only.Say 30 days and license should be expired automatically.
      Is it possible to do that in the build.xml file itself ??
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          I do not believe that is in the realm of JavaFX or the build process, that's more in how you approach your licensing engine.

          I tried TrueLicense, and thought is was excellent. It handles temporary and permanent license.

          For reasons of my own, in the end however I ended up developing a simple license engine for myself. I have the program create a 30 day license when it installs, and each time the program starts (and a few other random spots) it checks to see if license is still valid. After 30 days it offers to let you install a new license, and if you close that window without installing, it shuts down the program.
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