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    What is the current status of ADF Swing ?

      Hi All,
      I would like to ask if anyone could describe the current status of ADF Swing.

      In JDeveloper release notes it was written that ADF Swing was deprecated, and it would be removed in the next release.

      First, what deprecated means ? Does it mean it will not work, or it will not be supported and/or fixed in case of bugs?

      Since then JDeveloper came out - is ADF Swing supported in JDeveloper release ?

      In which next release of JDeveloper will ADF Swing be removed ? Is it going to be in JDeveloper 12 ?

      Is ADF Swing deprecated also with JDeveloper's releases,, (since there is nothing in their release notes) ? Is it fine to write ADF Swing applications with JDeveloper 11.1.2.X ?

      Many thanks, and regards,