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    Column Selector...

      Hello Experts,

      I have 2 tables class_meta, class.
      class table has date, col1, col2 etc....
      class_meta has class_id, class_name, column_used

      My page should have 3 selections, year, month, and class_name......based on these selections my form has:
      Date -- display
      Class Name --- check box

      the above class name column is selected based on the class_name selection list above. Once the end user updates the schedule of classes it should update the class table.....

      Year: 2012
      Month: Jan
      Class: Algebra 1 (Comes from class_meta table)

      Tabular Form
      = Date == Algebra 1
      1-1-2012 ==== Y
      1-2-2012 ==== N
      1-3-2012 ==== N
      1-4-2012 ==== Y
      1-5-2012 ==== N
      1-6-2012 ==== N

      The values entered in the "Algebra 1" form field in the above form should be updated in the class table 'col1'

      I am very basic user, just started working on Apex from last week......Thanks for your time....If the above explanation is not clear please let me know I will try to be more clear.......

      Thanks for your time.....

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          If I understand your question correctly, you need to map the database column against the tabular form columns. If that is so and you are using the wizard generated tabular form, go to "Column Attributes" of your column (right click -> Edit), you will find a region called "Tabular Form Attributes". You can specify the "Reference Table Owner", "Reference Table Name" and "Reference Column Name" for the specific tabular form column.